When we launched Vital Living in January 2018, there was a lot of room for healing in the world — physically, mentally and emotionally. We sought answers from the arenas of personal development, wellness, and fitness, and found ourselves overwhelmed with conflicting information. To clarify for ourselves and others we put what we were learning into action, and by trial and error found what works and what doesn’t. Our initial and constant purpose will always be to help guide anyone who seeks it a path back to healing.

From the beginning, Vital Living launched as a wholistic resource and tool devoted to kind and gentle wellness — mind, body and spirit. Created out of necessity by a writer and teacher with a vision — Vital Living strives to be known for its truthful, insightful and helpful reporting and trend-spotting on the healthy living front. Vital Living strives to become a leading source of insight and inspiration to everyone aiming to improve their fitness levels, their physical health, their mindset, mindfulness, and positive purpose in this beautiful world.

We’ll explore facets of personal development, health and wellness from fitness, nutrition and recipes, cutting-edge discoveries in psychology, natural beauty and products, yoga, spiritual discovery and more. Vital Living doesn’t just aim to show you that health is possible, we aim to guide you back to it step-by-step. We want to be your healthiest relationship.

Our Founder

Becky Keeling guides Vital Living’s vision across all of it’s platforms. She has degrees in Psychology and International Relations and Global affairs, and a professional background in both fiction and non-fiction publications.

Her journey into the universe of health and wellness was born out of necessity. Having struggled with thyroid disease for many years, her weight and overall health took a very dangerous turn for the worse.

Due to her positive mindset, curious nature, analytical mind, and drive to return to whole health she began to consume everything she could on how to improve her health, lose her excess weight, and improve her mindset and perspective.

Vital Living is the living conception of everything she has lived, learned and tried. She has committed to keeping the content Vital Living distributes both true to life, tried and tested, and accurate.

She currently lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver, Colorado with her husband and four children.

Wellness Habits: yoga, mindfulness meditations, hiking, swimming, anti-inflammatory dietary restrictions, a whole clean food lifestyle, and any health/fitness/wellness program she’s currently putting through its paces to report back to you.

Our Team

I would have no reason to do better, or be the best, healthiest and most vital person I can be without my babies, husband and family. God bless them.