Weekend Warriors: Our Own Running Trail

Psychological studies have recently shown a direct correlation between physical activity levels and academic achievement in both reading and math. This is for both adults and children. Because we have three of our four children in school we wanted to do what we can to help them keep their physical activity levels as high as … Continue reading Weekend Warriors: Our Own Running Trail

The Next Objective.Org

Imagine being forged by fire, going through one of the most transformative experiences of your life, and you’re not alone. There’s a group of people very similar to you, similar ages and goals, hopes and dreams. You’re refined from a group of young people into the tip of the spear. A unique, hardened unit, ready … Continue reading The Next Objective.Org

My Week in Review, April 16 – 22nd

This week was a busy one for me, with company over for dinner on the weekend, and doing a lot of work to get caught up on the Science of Well-being course from Yale. It’s one of those weeks that’s a blur because it goes by so fast but leaves you with a satisfied accomplished … Continue reading My Week in Review, April 16 – 22nd