Tomato Basil Pablano Turkey Meatloaf

Dinner tonight – tomato basil pablabo turkey meatloaf, roast Italian potatoes and side salad.

I’ve made this meatloaf once before according to the recipe, and honestly it was a little bland. The idea was solid, however, so I took another crack at it.

This time I roast, diced and added a pablabo pepper to the meat. I added more (fresh not powdered) garlic, pepper and Italian seasonings as well. I used china seed as a replacement for the egg.

For the sauce on top I added some smoked paprika to bring out that roasted pepper flavor, more Italian seasoning and a dash more salt.

It took longer to bake than the recipe called for. Twice as long. The key is to make sure the loaf is shaped like a wide low box instead of a dome so it cooks uniformly.

Overall this turned out great. A lot of flavor without overpowering the turkey. We will definitely have this again.

You can find the recipe at


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