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Imagine being forged by fire, going through one of the most transformative experiences of your life, and you’re not alone. There’s a group of people very similar to you, similar ages and goals, hopes and dreams. You’re refined from a group of young people into the tip of the spear. A unique, hardened unit, ready to fight for your country and what’s good and right in this world.

You’ve put it all on the line, laid down everything, before you’re even legal to drink for the vision you have of your great country. You’ve kissed your mother goodbye, you’ve packed your bags, and are taken off around the world to fight the good fight.

And when you’re done you’re given one final salute, a handshake, and turned loose out of the door. Into an alien, busy, directionless world where there’s no order, little respect and no more mission. No more objective.

It’s no wonder so many of our soldiers returning home from their duty and service are lost. Alone. Uncertain.

Did you know that 22 veterans kill themselves every day? EVERY DAY. That’s an average of one suicide every 65 minutes. We can’t accept this as normal, we can’t be okay with this.

‘The Next Objective’ is a non-profit organization started here locally in Denver, CO by combat veterans Sean Endsley and Derek Weida, and is expanding nationally. It’s a fitness and social connectedness based organization whose goal is to reunite members of all branches of the military after their service and provide financial and moral support for them wherever it’s needed.

Their mission is to “Encourage. Engage. Empower. The Next Objective is a combat veteran-run initiative committed to empowering our returning service members to overcome obstacles and achieve post-military success.”



Having spoken to a family member who is a part of, and has received great benefit from this organization I can say that they are fitness and community oriented. They do things like pay for gym memberships for service-members, organize group fitness experiences, and help members and their families who are dealing with physical, financial and material difficulties as a result of their duties. These are good guys, trying to do genuinely good things for the men and women who have served our country.

If you have known or loved a service man or woman, and want to do your part to help them find community, purpose and resolution after they’ve finished their service, please find it in your hearts and wallets to give. You can find more information on how to donate, the services they’ve provided and the organization’s mission statement on their website or Facebook page at the following addresses: / Donation Page –



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