Lose Weight Gain Life | The Fatloss Manifesto

I’m setting aside the next 6-weeks to follow the ten guiding weight loss principals from “The Fatloss Manifesto.com” as laid out in their e-book “10 Body Hacks to Get Leaner Faster.” I will take ‘before’ measurements and ‘after’ measurements and report on any results. I’ll fully commit and follow each of their ten “ways to get lean.” I am willing to designate a solid six weeks to trusting I’ll be healthier and see results and commit to following to a T all of their principals.

I’ll post reviews of the weeks and my experiences here, as I often do with the programs I try out.

I’ll post the actual equipment, recipes and such as I buy and use them. Like this resistance band set I just bought. I don’t know if they’re any good or not but I liked what the set included and will report back after I’ve used them for a while.

Weeks start on Mondays for me, so I’ll take the next few days and clarify how I’m going to implement this plan in real time into my life. You can look for some reflection after the first week and updates on how it’s going. If anyone is interested in joining  me just let me know and we can trade notes on the supplements, cardio and insight together in our private group on Facebook. “Vital Living Nutrition and Fitness Support Group.” There’s a link on our Facebook Page, link below.


“The Fatloss Manifesto are devoted to sharing our expertise to put you on the path to achieving a leaner you.”

Source: Lose Weight Gain Life | The Fatloss Manifesto


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