Whole30 Drunken Noodles | Gluten Free | The Movement Menu

This is one yummy drunken noodle recipe. It uses a let less pre-processed pastes and sauces than traditional recipes, and obviously replaces the rice noodles with zuccini noodles. Zuccini noodles are the perfect neutral base for this recipe.

I did change one thing, and that was I cut and cooked fresh vegetables instead a frozen stir fry vegetable blend. I used the coconut oil instead of butter. Otherwise, I cooked it as prescribed.

There is so much flavor to this dish there was a happy fire in my belly when we finished eating. My entire family loved it, and this is one we’ll make again.

Thank you to the movement menu for this, you can find the recipe on their site. Here’s what they have to say…

“A Whole30 Drunken Zucchini Noodles recipe that will leave you feeling excited to complete the rest of your Whole30. This dish is the perfect go-to dinner meal & just as great re-heated as leftovers for lunch. If you’re not completing a Whole30, you can make it gluten free instead!”

Source: Whole30 Drunken Noodles | Gluten Free | The Movement Menu