Coconut Whipped Cream Recipe | Minimalist Baker Recipes

I made a fruit salad to go with dinner the other night. The best fruit salads, in my opinion, are the ones that are smothered in whipped cream. With all of the gross chemicals in the name brand whipped creams, and all of the antibiotics and growth hormones in home made regular whipped cream (of which I used to adore, and even made my own butter) I knew we needed a healthy alternative.

Enter this recipe for whipped coconut cream. It uses the canned full fat coconut cream that you find solidified on top of canned coconut milk.

Honestly, there’s a bunch of recipes like this one. They’re pretty similar. I changed this recipe, however, and only used 2-3 tablespoons of powdered sugar. I will come up with an alternative for the powdered sugar next time, but baby steps. Right?

Make sure you let this whip for a while. Like heavy dairy cream, it will build structure and creaminess as it whips. I’m talking 6 or 7 minutes of whipping, until it builds to a firm peak.

Thanks to the Minimalist Baker for this recipe. You can find it in its entirety on their site (link below).

How to Make Coconut Whipped Cream Recipe Type: Vegan Cuisine: Vegan, Dessert Author: Minimalist Baker Prep time: 10 mins Total time: 10 mins Serves: ~2.5 cups An easy, step-by-step recipe for how to make coconut whipped cream! Perfect for topping vegan

Source: Coconut Whipped Cream Recipe | Minimalist Baker Recipes


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