Week in Review ~ June 11-17, 2018



This program was six weeks long, and I’ve finally wrapped everything up. Here are my results:

Weight loss: 3 lbs. For my bust I lost 0.75”. For my chest I lost 1”. For my waist I gained 0.5” (my last measurement was right after I ate lunch, and so I question that result. I don’t look like I gained anything on my waist). For my hips I lost 1”. For my thighs I lost 0.25”. For my calves I lost 0.5”. For my upper arms I lost 0.25”. My ankles and wrists stayed the same.

What I really gained from this experience was the habit of working out fasting five mornings a week. That part I’m truly loving. There’s a satisfied feeling about getting the workouts out of the way first thing in the morning and carrying on with my days knowing the hardest part is already over. In fact this weekend I was considering moving from five days a week to running seven days a week.

My workouts progressed significantly during this process. I went from doing cardio workouts inside, to walking outside, to running every day. My heart health improved so quickly (thanks to my constant monitoring on my Fitbit, I can track this stuff) once I was doing these regular fasting workouts that I had to keep stepping up the levels of the workouts in order to get my heart rate to the cardio target.

While the measurements I talked about may not seem like a lot on paper, the truth is that my body is changed in amazing ways. Finally I can stand in front of a mirror naked and SEE the improvements I made due to my hard work.

This morning I went for my run, and didn’t even think about the Body Reset Challenge. I just did it because it’s habit, and I love doing it. That’s remarkable! I will take large parts of this program forward with me into my life, and have a lot to thank the FatlossManifesto for because of it.


I found an ab workout app that’s only 4 weeks long. The workouts are seven days a week. I’m going to start doing that next Monday, so stay tuned for insight and updates.

This is the same app that I spoke about previously that put a bunch of ads on my tablet’s lock screen, which I found hugely invasive. Because of that reason I’m not going to mention the name of the app yet.

I’m looking forward to this one. My abs and middle section are one of my worst areas, and the place where my body fat DOES NOT want to shift. If I spend the next 28 days, every day, working my abs I had better see some improvement.

I’ll be sure to report back.


This was a masterclass that I saw an ad for previously and dismissed it outright. I was of the belief that spiritual energy and financial wealth were dichotomous. Like oil and water. Then I spent a solid week praying for the next step of my personal and spiritual evolution to happen. I was open and ready to expand into my next greatest thing. I prayed for my next best self to come about.

I saw this ad for this course again and this time a voice inside told me to take it. It was part of what I’d been praying for.

What my takeaway from this course was, is that I have a lot of beliefs about wealth, people who are wealthy and how wealth is earned. A lot of negative beliefs. Those beliefs are untrue and were passed down or taught to me along the way and I accepted them. However, if I truly believe people who are wealthy are bad, then I can never be wealthy. My subconscious/soul/Self would never allow it. I have a lot of introspection and releasing old paradigms to do when it comes to money.

The truth is that there are people out there who are bad people. Some are wealthy, some are middle class, and some are poor. None of it has anything to do with being wealthy. Being wealthy allows you to serve others in bigger and more powerful ways than if you’re poor.

The Universe is abundant in droves. There are billions of trees, of flowers, of stars, of ocean. If I’m living in scarcity then I haven’t fully opened myself to the abundance of the Universe. To live an abundant life is to live in alignment with Nature.

There was a lot more to be gleaned from the class, and I’ll take the time to reread my notes and think it over again. I’ll start implementing mini habits that will drive me toward those goals this week as time allows.


This masterclass started out strong but left me not really knowing how to implement anything I learned. Let me explain. The premise of the course is that, just like physical muscles that grow stronger through exercise, our energetic centers will also grow stronger through energetic exercise.

I was hoping for talk about the chakras, clarification on the energy centers in the body and earth, and actual techniques we can put into place to help us strengthen our energy.

Instead what the course turned out to be was 12 different categories of awareness that Jeffrey Allen believes are the basis for energetic fitness. That if you can excel at fitness in those categories, you’ll have energetic fitness and will be more able to accomplish the manifesting and energy work in your life.

The problem? He didn’t explain how we’re supposed to increase our fitness. We did a visualization together, but he didn’t give any ideas on how to actually exercise our energetic muscles, where to find that stuff in our body or anything of the like.

The categories are interesting enough that I may revisit them on my own sometime. But honestly a course without actionable points is pretty worthless.

In the end they were selling a discounted prince on a bigger paid course on Mindvalley, as always. Maybe that information is kept there. But if that’s the case this shouldn’t have been called a masterclass. There was little value for the time I spent on it.


If anyone can be credited with reaching millions of people, it would Vishen Lakhiani. He is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley. They put together an educational platform of transformation that tens of thousands of people use to better themselves. This course was a peek behind the scenes at the philosophies Mindvalley embraces while doing what they do.

I found the information very interesting and helpful. I found a lot of actionable points to use moving forward.

I found the class useful and worth my time. In fact I’m putting together my own course based on some of his teachings. Once it’s complete I’ll offer it free through the site. Truthfully I don’t want to say much yet. I have someone who’s going to run through it for me after I’ve finished it and give feedback so I can refine some points. It’s very much still in the creation phase.


I try to get my articles posted to the site on Tuesday. The “Living with Intention” article didn’t go up until Sunday. For that I apologize. As I was writing it, it just kept growing longer and longer.

I’m really proud of this article. It’s something I’ve been working on for a really long time. I had the idea for it back in April. It incorporates a lot of what I’ve learned through the classes I’ve been taking, but mostly through my own experiences in life.

A lot of what’s in there is what I have found that has helped me push my stuck and stagnant energy out of my life. Suddenly I have flow, I have progress and I have growth. These concepts were all new to me, and I’ve grown to understand them through using them, so I know they work.

I hope they help other people in their lives as much as they’ve helped me. Bottom line? Our habits are the driving force, the engine that pushes our lives forward. Read the article to learn more.


This week I’ll continue running at least five days this week. I’m going to give my body a break from the planks and hollow point holds so I’m not burned out on abs before I start the app next Monday. I will, however, continue with my daily squats. My butt has shrunk and lifted big time, and I think it’s because of the squats. I broke through a weight set point last week to lose the last two pounds of the Body Reset Program. That was a great feeling. It’s been weeks since the needle on my scale shifted. I’m hoping that I continue to lose more pounds from all of my hard work. Another goal for the week is to go back to my hydration habits of drinking AT LEAST 100 oz of water every day. My cell phone died, and with it went my water tracking app. Without it (haven’t gotten a replacement phone yet) my drinking habits have dwindled to nothing. It’s disappointing and I feel a difference in my body.

This week I’ll continue my daily mini habits of yoga, reading and staying connected with my To Do list. I’m going to work on the course I’m writing, and get this week’s article up ASAP. I have been feeling like I’m working in a vat of molasses lately. I keep busting my butt, but don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere fast enough. Sigh.

I’m sure I’m supposed to learn from the experience, but I just don’t have the time to pause and figure it out at the moment. I hope it doesn’t consume this afternoon’s meditation time.

As always, I know that your time and attention are your most valuable assets. I thank you for choosing to spend yours here with me. All of the best, and we’ll chat next week!

Becky xo



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