I hope everyone’s been having a super summer. There’s something about the warmer temperatures that’s good for the health and spirit. I read somewhere that the evolution of humans started as equatorial creatures who grew and expanded their home range from there. If it’s true, it would explain the catharsis of the sunshine and heat.


This past Wednesday was July 4th, Independence Day. I hope everyone that celebrates did so safely. Where we live (the Colorado Rockies) there were no fireworks. Most of the state, but especially the mountains, are under a total burn ban right now. For good reason. Over two hundred thousand acres of mountain forests are burning in Colorado right now, including a significant fire near to where we live. We see a burn ban as a blessing, not a curse. Our family did manage to drive into town for a parade and ate some delicious ice cream to celebrate. Happy anniversary America!


I’m continuing to do my morning fasting run at least 5 days a week. It feels great, and I’m really seeing changes in the size and shape of my body as a result. A lot faster and bigger changes than I saw with any of the other workouts I tried prior to running. I lost 2 pounds this past week, so my consistency is paying off even though our family ate out fast food twice this past week while running errands around town. Not to mention the ice cream I ate.

I had a crazy and dangerous moment on Wednesday. I was out running and ran straight into a mother bear and two bear cubs right in front of my house.  I never run without my Great Pyrenees with me. I’m nervous about the wildlife where we live. We have bears, mountain lions, bobcats, lynx, coyotes and even wild wolves here. I strap my dog’s leash around my waist so I’m hands free, and she enjoys the exercise. Thank God she was with me that morning in particular.

We’d run half of our mile already and were just passing back by my house to run in the other direction when my dog started running ahead really quickly, dragging me down the road. I dug in my heels and got her to stop (she’s 130 lbs. so it’s not easy to make her do anything). By the time I looked up the mother bear had run across the road, and tree’d her cubs and was standing on a rock on her hind legs looking at us, from maybe 15 feet away. I put up my hands and very gently started telling her, “It’s okay! We’re just passing through.” We inched past her and jogged away down the road. About 250 feet away I turned around and she was standing in the middle of the road watching me. The bear was HUGE. She was at least twice the size of my dog. She looked at us and turned back into the woods where her cubs were and let us go. If my dog hadn’t been with me, I’m not so sure she’d have been so easy about letting me pass. Especially with cubs with her. There’s no animal more dangerous than a momma bear with her cubs.

When I got to the end of the road and realized that I had to turn back around and run right back to where the bear was. I was pretty nervous. I jogged down the road shouting, “Hey bear! Hey bear! I have to come back that way.” She was gone when I got there. My heartrate that day was the highest it’s ever been during my runs, just out of sheer panic!


I have started working on putting together some E-Courses and instructional guides and workbooks for the site. They go along with the work I’m already doing, and seem like a great way to both master the content for use in my own life (the best way to learn something is by teaching it to others), and also help people learn the content in the best way I’m able to provide it. I have one workbook/instructional guide finished and it will go up on the site tomorrow. I’ve got a few more in the works. I have been working on putting together my own aesthetic and style for these guides, so when the workbooks and courses roll out onto the site  you can just look at them and know they’re mine. Classy, informative and functional is what I’m going for. I hope to get some feedback on them from people who’ve put them to through their paces so I can improve anything that’s not working, or enhance what is working. I would appreciate everyone’s help with that. Thank you in advance!


I have finally put together my own email list subscription for the website! Woot, woot!

Right now, when someone clicks on the “follow” link at the bottom of my page, that subscription is all done through, and managed by WordPress. I have zero access to or control over those contacts, and what they receive when I post. I have no way of sending those followers any contact of my own other than posting to the website. I would like to send them enhanced, private content, or give them access to new features on the site before anyone else. As it is, those people only receive what WordPress sends them, when it chooses to send it.

So I’ve started doing my own email list through MailChimp. It’s all rolled out and live now. You’ll see a pop-up box when you visit the site, just one time, with the option to subscribe to the list. After that you won’t see the option again. So don’t miss out! If you’re interested in special offers, seeing content before anyone else or hearing from me directly then please sign up. I promise we’ll never sell or use your information for any other purposes. I promise I also won’t fill your inbox with daily content either. I’m all about quality, not quantity.


The husband was off work ALL WEEK because of the holidays, and it was a beautiful thing. It’s a full-time job running a household, and taking care of four kids ON TOP of running VitalLiving.Life. I struggle daily trying not to drop any balls. It’s nice to have the help, support, and care by having him around more often. Too bad it was only for a week.


This week I will continue my morning runs. Honestly they’re more like a treat to myself than exercise. I feel good physically doing them, my body is healthier and getting trimmer, and it’s precious alone time for me. I’m an introvert, so I like that sort of thing.

I’m starting a mini habit that incorporates doing squats, to try to get back into my daily squat routine. I was doing really well with it, and then once my kids started summer vacation I just stopped doing them. This new mini habit will spell the end of that and a return to squat city. Yay!

This week we have some yummy recipes coming up on the site, including Cowboy Caviar. If you’ve never tried it, you’re in for a treat. We’ve got our first instructional workbook coming out tomorrow that I’m really proud of and hope it will help a lot of people live their best lives. We’ve got a gratitude exercise coming out on Wednesday and a fitness article on Friday I hope you all enjoy.

As always I understand the value of your time and attention. Thank you for choosing to spend yours here with us.




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