The Long-Term Benefits of Pedometer Use

Some interesting and compelling results on the benefits to your health by having and using a pedometer. I wear one every day (love my Fitbit!) and have a reminder set to meet an hourly step goal. If you’re on the fence about getting one, read on to learn more about the benefits.

“Studies show that tracking daily steps with a pedometer leads to higher activity levels. A new report out of the U.K. suggests the practice can inspire people to take more steps for many years.

The report included data from two separate 12-month studies; one involved inactive adults aged 45–75, while the other featured older adults aged 60–75. In the first, participants were assigned to one of three 12-week pedometer-based interventions—consultation with a nurse, support by mail or no consultation. In the second, there was no mail support group. Click the link below to read more.”

Source: The Long-Term Benefits of Pedometer Use


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