Week In Review July 9 – 15, 2018


Thank you for joining me again this week. This week’s “Week in Review” is going to be a short one, and the end of an era.


You can find VitalLiving.Life on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/vitallivinglife. We’ve been there for a while and have tens of thousands of pins from all areas of life, not just health and wellness. Happiness is healthiness, and if you take a look at the boards I’ve put together you’ll find inspiration and entertainment from unicorns, to workouts, to style inspiration guides and more. It’s truly an imaginarium, another world of hopes and dreams in photo prose.

As of this past week I finished getting all of our memes and articles uploaded. It was a lot of work, but I’m happy to finally have all of our content in such an easily-searched format. The site has always been photography-rich, and Pinterest was the perfect platform to showcase that.


I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Vital Living.Life has really picked up speed as far as quantity and caliber of content being delivered. I have been struggling with the feeling lately that the “Week in Review” posts may no longer fit in with the direction I’ve been driving the website in.

I have been working hard on more instructional workbooks, in addition to our regular content. I think by not having the weekly reviews that I can designate that time instead to working on the quality, unique and transformative content that I love creating instead.

The things you’d normally find in these weekly reviews – product reviews, progress reports and news about new features on the site – are all things better served by individual designated posts.

If, from now on, I try a new pair of trekking poles and feel like I’d like to share their quality (or lack thereof) with others, I’ll create a separate review post instead of tucking it away in my reviews.

If I am doing a new fitness challenge (in fact I’ve just started a new ab workout), and am seeing positive results, I’ll be sure to report back here in a post designated just to that. That way the important and life-changing insight and information you look to Vital Living for isn’t lost in the slurry of an over-arching review post.


I have appreciated the interest from everyone in these posts, and have enjoyed the personal connection I feel with each and every one of you while writing them. That kindness and interest has really been a driving force to encourage me to continuously and tirelessly forge ahead with site improvements and new and dynamic ways to convey the most helpful practices and information I can find. I sincerely hope you understand and support my decision to discontinue posting this type of content so that my singular focus can be on the best quality educational and inspirational health and wellness content that we’ve become known for.

My mission has always been to help other people find their ways back to health and wellness in this exhausting and challenging world in the most positive, supportive and honest ways I can find. I hope you’ll see the continuity of that mission in the site’s content moving ahead, and further expansion and depth in the new features I roll out along the way.

I encourage all of you, all of the time, to reach out and say “hi” whenever the mood arises. Every one of our posts on the site has the “like” and “comment” features active, and there’s nothing better and more inspiring than hearing from you directly.

As always, I know that your time and your attention are your most valuable things in this life. I’d like to thank you personally, one last time, for choosing to spend yours here with me.

Warmest Regards,
Becky xo



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