Kevin Smith’s Inspiring Vegan Weight Loss Transformation

I came across this article last night that was incredibly inspiring.

If you don’t know who Kevin Smith is the chances are good that you’ve been living under a rock. His career includes directing movies like “Mall Rats” “Clerks” “Chasing Amy” “Dogma” and more. For the entirety of his career he’s also been a very big man.

Last year he suffered a massive heart attack and almost died.

His medical crisis began a journey for Mr. Smith that I find inspiring. His daughter navigated him into the world of vegan cuisine, and the results are nothing short of astounding.

“And I also wanna thank my kid @harleyquinnsmith – the little vegan astronaut who explored this meatless/milkless galaxy ahead of me, leading by example. Since I never wanted to see the inside of a hospital ever again, I simply copied the Kid. So this wasn’t a diet: these results came from a total lifestyle change of eating solely plant-based foods (which is tough because I hate vegetables).” – @thatkevinsmith

You can find the article in its entirety here:

Kevin Smith Celebrates Weight Loss

Why is this particularly inspiring? This is my second week eating an entirely vegan diet, and I’ve already lost 10 pounds. I’m feeding my microbiome, and have had incredible results already. I wasn’t sure if the results I was getting were unique to me, or something attributed to the vegan diet and repeatable by others. Fascinating!

Keep your eyes on this space for more vegan recipes, updates and insights into keeping your own microbiome healthy here in the future.

Congratulations to Mr. Smith and his family for his incredible success. I’m excited to see some of the hilarious projects he creates in the future.




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