Cardio Exercise and Strength Training Affect Hormones Differently New Study Finds || ScienceDaily

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have come closer to understanding the diverse effects of different forms of training. In a new study published in the scientific Journal of Clinical Investigation — Insight, the researchers show that cardio training on an exercise bike causes three times as large an increase in the production of the hormone FGF21 than strength training with weights. FGF21 has a lot of positive effects on metabolism.

‘Of course it is very exciting for us researchers to see how different forms of physical activity actually affect the body differently. We have known about the effects of various forms of training on more well-known hormones like adrenaline and insulin for a long time, but the fact that strength training and cardio exercise affect FGF hormones differently is new to us’, says Associate Professor from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research Christoffer Clemmensen, who is one of the researchers behind the study.

To read more you can find the article below.

Source: Cardio exercise and strength training affect hormones differently — ScienceDaily


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