Whole30 Chicken Pad Thai | The Movement Menu

This is one of those recipes that’s fun to make. I felt like a mad scientist in the kitchen, “a little of this! a splash of that!” I did not include any eggs when I made it because I don’t eat them, and no dates either because I didn’t have any.

I also used pad thai rice noodles for this instead of zucchini noodles, but can imagine both options would be great.

The flavors were explosive and delightful. Thank you to the Movementmenu.com for this culinary greatness. You can find the recipe in its entirety and more on their website (link below).

“Whole30 Chicken Pad Thai- the best Whole30 lunch and dinner recipe idea and perfect for meal prep. Absolutely delicious and nutritious, too!”

Source: Whole30 Chicken Pad Thai | The Movement Menu


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