Paleo-Whole30 Compliant Worcestershire Sauce | Once A Month Meals

It is very hard to find store-bought Worcestershire Sauce in a grocery story that doesn’t have soy or corn products in it. Both are GMO-laden toxic stews which are best avoided. However, Worcestershire Sauce is one of the flavor points that really send good recipes into the great recipe category, and so we use it A LOT.

Finally I found a good working recipe for a homemade version of the good stuff that’s pretty close in taste.

Admittedly I wasn’t sure about the coconut aminos, mostly because I’d never used them. In the end they’re similar to soy sauce in the briney salty sense, so if you have some or are on the fence, use it!

Thank you to Once A Month Meals for this healthy alternative. You can find the recipe in its entirety, and more, on their website below.

“Homemade Paleo and Whole30 compliant Worcestershire Sauce is simple to make and use in your favorite dishes.”

Source: Paleo-Whole30 Compliant Worcestershire Sauce | Once A Month Meals


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